Wa web dalam 30+ Cara Cerdas untuk digunakan dalam Komputer (PC)

Did you know that Users check WhatsApp (wa web) more than 23 times in a day because WhatsApp is the world’s most popular application which is used by crores of people worldwide? Today, WhatsApp will be available to every smartphone user. We all know that using Whatsapp is very easy to use so it can also be easily used by uneducated users. We get many features on WhatsApp, in which we can share messages, photos, videos, files and more. But do you know that you can run Whatsapp on your computer(wa web) and laptop in addition to mobile? If you are employed in an office and can not use WhatsApp in your mobile, then we will tell you today how you can run Computer / Laptop WhatsApp while working in your home or office.

If you have read this post then you will definitely be a WhatsApp user and want to run your WhatsApp in PC, the whole world is doing WhatsApp today because WhatsApp provides us with great features. WhatsApp was created by Yahoo’s oldest Employee in 2009, and later in 2014, it was purchased by Facebook for $19Billion dollar. On WhatsApp, we can do a video call, audio calling, live location sharing, etc. very easily. But when running on a computer or laptop, it is good for some users to get annoyed, but you can easily use WhatsApp in your computer or laptop. In this blog post, you will know that Laptop or Computer.

wa web

Friends, if you do not even know about wa web as well as what it is and how it is used, in today’s post, we will tell you about WhatsApp’s feature wa web What is wa web, how it is used or how to use WhatsApp on your computer.

WhatsApp Mobile App is available on all platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and Nokia. You have 2 ways to use WhatsApp in PC, first if you have a Windows 8 operating system or above, you can free download whatsapp for pc full version (you can also WhatsApp messenger apk update download) or Laptop by visiting the Microsoft Store and whatsapp beta feature .  Apart from this, if you are a Mac user and you have Mac OS X 10.9 or above, you can also use WhatsApp in your PC.

What is wa web

Friends, wa web is a feature of WA, under which you can use your WA account inside your computer or laptop. Simply put, WhatsApp is running on a computer or a laptop etc. WA WEB

There is currently no separate version of WhatsApp for computers or laptops created by WA, so you can not use WhatsApp directly in your PC or laptop. In such a way, the wa web feature in WA helps you to use WhatsApp on your PC and through this, you can easily use WhatsApp by adding it to your PC.

This process of running WhatsApp on pc is very easy and you can add WhatsApp directly to a PC without any separate manual settings. Whatsapp running on a PC or laptop is only possible with the wa web feature. Otherwise, you can not use WhatsApp on your computer pc.

WhatsApp is now available in both your phone and computer due to wa web feature of WhatsApp. wa web is the extension on your phone’s WhatsApp account computer. The messages you send and receive are completely synced to your phone and computer, and you can see those messages on both devices.

If you do any work on your phone, then it will also apply to the wa web. That is, the opposite of WA WEB is also correct. At this time, wa web is available only on Android, iPhone 8.1+, Windows Phone 8.0 and 8.1, Nokia S60, Nokia S40 EVO, BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

wa web is not a separate WhatsApp account. When you use WhatsApp on your computer and phone, you can only use one account with two devices (Mobile and PC) simultaneously. So now you have come to understand what Whatsapp is web and what is the feature of wa web given on WhatsApp. Simply put, with the help of this feature, you can add your WhatsApp account to your computer or PC and then chatting with your friends. This is wa web.

The Benefits of Using WA WEB

#1 If you have a computer and you want to use WhatsApp on a computer, then there are some advantages for the wa web feature on WhatsApp. So let’s go about some of the benefits of using WA on the Web

#2 The biggest advantage of using WA web is to make more chatting to them. Naturally, today’s younger generation is making too much chatting, they will find a big keyboard that allows you to type more easily with the small keyboard of the mobile. WA webpage will prove to be quite helpful for you. And you can make the fun of chatting faster and fun.

#3 The next advantage is that you will not need to install any kind of app or software in your PC or Laptop.
The next advantage is very good, the photo or video is quickly downloaded on the computer than your phone, and you can download it very quickly.

#4 The next security will be very good, there will be no security problem, you will have complete control.
You can also enjoy chatting with friends by charging mobile. Waiting for phone charging will end.

#5  The biggest advantage of using WA WEB is that you now find a large keyboard for typing during chatting with the help of which you can easily type. Some people use a computer keyboard more and they have trouble typing anything on mobile and they can not write fast. In this case, this feature proves to be very helpful for those people who like typing with computer keyboards. With this, you can easily type anything from the keyboard to chat on your computer.

#6 The next big advantage of wa web is that you do not need any separate software or application to run WA on your computer or laptop. You can add WA directly to your computer with the help of this feature.

#7  One advantage of the wa web is that any kind of downloading process is completed quickly because the computer is capable of downloading any video or file faster than mobile.

#8 There is no problem with security in the WhatsApp group. You can get people out of your mobile whenever you want it, and delete the data of your WhatsApp account on the computer as you wish. It is completely secure.

#9 After connecting to WA WEB, you can keep your mobile in charging mode and use WhatsApp easily on your computer. Now you will not need your mobile for any activity related to WhatsApp. Now your mobile is totally free.

#10 Computer  Whatsapp Connect? Is there a way to remove WhatsApp? It is very easy to install WhatsApp in the computer, Android mobile WhatsApp QR code scan, connecting to the computer laptop, WhatsApp is launched, many people search on Google how to install WhatsApp in computer. How to play WhatsApp in Computer How to Use WhatsApp on Laptop, PC, Computer Many ways are found.

#11 But I’m going to tell you a short simple way about how to run your computer in a computer laptop by using a number of WhatsApp computer laptops, which allow you to easily connect to WhatsApp in a computer, WhatsApp chat, message can run in all features laptop


You will need the following things to use this feature:-

  • Your mobile should have an active WhatsApp account
  • The Internet must be connected to your PC or Laptop and phone
  • The latest version of Chromeost, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge web browser in your PC or Laptop should be whatsapp latest version
    (You will not need anything else besides these all available.)
  • How to run WA in computer – from WhatsApp web scan

WhatsApp web QR Code‘s Full Form Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional barcode, which is a type of trademark, once the code is a machine-readable optical label that we have done with QR Code Scan in a very short time. Can be attached, which includes its information. By doing so, by scanning QR Code, we can directly connect to WhatsApp from a computer to WA.

Step 1) First of all go to the web.whatsapp. com web address in your web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Step 2) Now when this address opens (WhatsApp login) you will see a QR Code on your PC or Laptop. Now let’s keep it open here and open WA in your mobile.

Step 3) Open the WA by clicking on the 3 Dots above, just open the Whatsapp Now you will see the feature of wa web here. Click on it.

Step 4) Now after clicking Go it, you will see a QR Code scanner on your mobile.

Step 5) Now, scan your mobile with QR code appearing on PC. Once your scan is done, your Whatsapp e-mail will be confirmed and your WhatsApp will be added to your PC or laptop and you will be able to use it easily.

So in this way you can add and use WhatsApp of your mobile on your PC by simply scanning QR code. It will be exactly the same as WhatsApp happens on mobile.


How to Logout WA WEB

It’s easy to log in to WhatsApp from a computer or laptop, and you do not need to complete any longer process for this. You can also log-out in WhatsApp from both mobile and PC.

  •  Logout from mobile: – If you want to log out of the Web from the mobile webpage then you will see the option of Log Out from all computers in the features of WA WEB. After clicking on this option, you will be logged out of the wa webpage and will be deleted on your connected WhatsApp from any PC or Laptop.
  •  Log out of PC or Laptop: If you want to logout the WhatsApp account connected to a PC or laptop, at the top I will see the menu icon which will be of three dots. Some options will open before you click on it. From one of them you will see an option log out. Clicking on this option will log you out of your wa web Account computer.

Bonus Tips To Be a More Smarter

So friends, it was today that our information about wa web is what the webpage is, what benefits can it be, how to play WhatsApp on the computer, or how to add wa web to the computer. How do you like this information about wa web, let us know by commenting in the comment box and if you have any other questions about the wa web, then please make sure to ask us your questions.

#11  The big tricks of wa-web

Almost everyone is using the WhatsApp app (WhatsApp apk). We are connected to everyone with its support. Many times it happens that we are very busy in our work, then there is a special message coming to us from WhatsApp, now it can be a message to your boss or girlfriends. So WhatsApp has brought you the option of wa web, so that you can also use WhatsApp using the QR code of your phone in your laptop or computer.

There are many other tricks that can benefit you more effectively from wa web. There are many shortcuts in WhatsApp that you can use. Ctrl + Shift + M: Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Shift + Tab: Ctrl + Backspace: Delete chat 7) Ctrl + Shift + U: Mark as unread 8) Ctrl + Shift + N: Create new group 9) Ctrl + P: Open profile status

#1 Keyboard with Emoji Search

Often you send an emoji to send someone by clicking on the given icon to choose your preferred emoji, but the way to do it fastest is to type the first two letters of your emoji by typing the colon So that all emoji related emoji will be exposed. You can select any of the emoji in the search by using the arrow key and send it by pressing the Enter button.

#2 How to change emoticon in emoji

There are many emoji for which you do not need any trick or colon. WhatsApp is able to convert them to classic text emoticons. If you want to keep emoticons in emoticons and do not want to change them in emoji, you can do so by using the WhatsApp emoticon preserve script. After installing it, you have to find a cross-platform user script manager at TamarMonkey.

#3 Login Multiple Account

Its first option is to open WhatsApp using incognito mode or Opera. At the same time, you get another option in which you can open a new tab and go to proxy and use 2 accounts at dyn.web.whatsapp.com at the same time.

#4 Hide Blue Tick

First open the wa web window, then open a separate window and resize it so that you can view wa web chats in the background. Click on the opened window to place your cursor over it. Doing so will load the message background on the chat window, so that you will be able to read the message and will not even have a blue tick on the message you read. Just double the tick will show on the message, which means that you got the message but you have not read. After clicking on the wa web chat, you will start doing Blue Tick Show on that message.

$5 Voice playback speed

Just like WhatsApp does not allow you to call but you can send a voice message. You can use the Chrome extension’s Zapp feature to change the voice or playback speed of voice messages.

#6 WhatsApp Clone

Office operators work on desktop all day, people often have to look at smartphones to check their WhatsApp settings. With the help of wa web you can create your whitespeed clone on desktop. You will need to go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ for this.

#7 Transfer data from computer to computer

After opening Whatsapp on desktop, you can transfer any file from your PC. You can also save any photo, video or document as well. You create a group for personal use and later remove other users from the group. After this, you can transfer anything to your PC from your PC, which you can store in your phone too.

#8 Monitor story user

Due to the default setting, as soon as the mobile data is turned on, photos, videos and other documents start to be automatic on the WhatsApp page. If your phone has limited storage, then this is not good news for you. For this, you have to go to Settings> Data and Storage Usage> Storey Usages. Here you will find the storage of each chat. You can delete the unnecessary chat storage.

#9 Pin chat on top

Whatever group or chat messages you receive on WhatsApp, it shows it by default. But if you want to get notifications of a specific chat or group first, you can use the option of P chat on top for this. IOS users can swipe left to chat, while Android users have to tap on chat for it. They will then have the option of Place on Top.

#10 Chat in chat

If you want to search anything you want in a chat on WhatsApp, then you also have the option for this. Android users can go to any chat and get to the search option by clicking on the three dot appearing above. On the other hand, iOS users have to tap on the name of the contact to do so, where they will get the option of contact details and search.

#11 Easy file transfer

You can use messenger on phone and desktop version simultaneously to transfer files quickly from your phone to computer or vice-versa. To do this, you can create a group in which you are the only member (it can be done by first adding at least another person on the group and then removing the person once the group is created) and send media files to that group. Now, open the group on the desktop version and download the files on the computer.

10 Special Secret Tricks of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger, who owns Facebook, has become an important part of our life nowadays. Users can easily share photos, videos via Whatsapp. Not only that, you can easily reach anywhere with the help of Google Map through the WhatsApp location share location feature. These are some of the features that we all know, but apart from these features, Whatsapp offers even more amazing features to your users who hardly know you. Let’s know about some of the same Secret Features of Whatsapp:

1- Media vulnerability

For this feature, you have to go to your contact info and click on the ‘Media Visibility’ option. If you want to hide the media files of a particular chat, tap the ‘no’ option there.

2- Mute group chat

Through this feature you can mute the notifications coming to a group. For this you have to go to Group Info and tap the option to ‘Mute Chat’. Doing this will not disturb you notifications of group chat that you have muted.

3- Disable Blue Tick

Whatsapp has kept this feature in mind while keeping the user’s privacy in mind. With this help, the person you are chatting with will not know whether you’ve read the message or not. To activate this, you have to go to Settings and click on the Privacy option. After this you will see an option of Reed Reset which you have to disable.

4-Whatsapp group call

This feature is liked by WhatsAppSpace users. With this help you can enjoy group calls with your friends.

5-Whatsapp Business

You can also create your business profile on Whatsapp. For this you need to enter business description, e-mail address, business address and your website details.

6- Hide Profile Picture

If you do not want anyone to see your profile photo. you need to open the privacy option by going to account settings. Go to the profile photo option here and click on ‘Nobody’. By doing this, your profile photo will not be visible to people in your contacts.


If you are not happy with the behavior of an administrator of your group, you can remove it. For this you have to press in the group info option for a while for that person’s name. After this you will see the Removal of Admin option.

8- Share Live Locations

For this you have to go to the attachment menu of your chat box. Here you will see the share location option. You can share your live location with a user for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours.

9- Who did you chat with most

For this feature, you have to go to settings and click on data. After this, the storage usage option will open before you. Here you will see a ranking of your contacts and group so, that you will know who you have talked with the most.

10- Give text to style

If you want to highlight your text by bold or italic So see here. examples Write for bold such as * Hi * and italic for _Hi_ such.


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