WA Web (WhatsApp web) – Cara menginstal dan menggunakan WhatsApp di PC

WhatsApp Web or commonly known as WA Web ( WA stands for WhatsApp ). Is a tool for using the WhatsApp application on PC ( Personal Computer). By being able to access using a PC, it will make chatting activities more comfortable. You can directly send messages to contacts or groups from a PC that are synchronized directly to your smartphone that has WhatsApp installed.

What is WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a message sender application for smartphones. With WhatsApp, you can send messages in the form of text, images, videos, sounds, and even documents. WhatsApp almost replaces SMS, because all contacts are only registered if we have the contact’s cellphone number. And WhatsApp contacts will be directly connected and synchronized to the smartphone’s main contact. Besides that, WhatsApp now also functions as a Micro Social Network.

WhatsApp history

WhatsApp was first developed by former Yahoo employees, Brian Acton and Jan Koum in around 2009. In its journey to 2013, WhatsApp claimed to have 400 million active users. One year later, namely in 2014. Facebook, one of the largest social networks in the world, announced that it had acquired WhatsApp and poured funds of USD $19 billion. This is the biggest story of acquisition at that time. Until now, WhatsApp has been managed and developed by Facebook.

Why do you need a WA WEB?

The main reason for using WA WEB is to be more comfortable typing messages on a PC. Clearer visuals and ease of attaching images or documents. Another reason is the ease of downloading attachments. For example, if your friend sends documents via WhatsApp, with Wa web will be easy to download and can be opened directly using the PC application.

WhatsApp Web

The preparation needed to use WhatsApp on PC is. An Android or iPhone smartphone that has been installed and activated by WhatsApp. Computers either desktop or laptop that already supports Modern Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. The operating system can be anything. Because through the website platform, it can be used in multi-platform and multi-operating systems. And the most important thing is an adequate internet connection either on mobile or on a computer.

Start WA Web

To start, no installation is needed. Select your favorite browser, then open the https://web.whatsapp.com/ page. Wait until the loading process is complete. A page will appear with a QR Code display.

Then open WhatsApp on your mobile, select settings, then select WA WEB /Desktop. The camera will activate and request a QR code scan. Point your smartphone’s camera to the QR code seen on the WA Web. If there are no problems, the web page will immediately display the chat application. You are ready to chat using this WA Web.

The appearance of WA WEB on PC is not much different from the WhatsApp application on mobile. Which is different, because the width of the screen is wider. Contacts are on the left, and we can do contact search using the search column. This is easier and faster when compared to using a cellphone. From this view, you can easily sell new conversations, create new groups or view file attachments in the form of images, multimedia or documents.

Logout WA Web

To log out and end WA WEB is very easy. Open the WhatsApp application on your mobile, select settings, then click on the ” Exit all Devices ” link. The web display will return to the way it was when it was first opened.

WhatsApp Desktop

In addition to providing the web version, WhatsApp also provides a desktop version, which can be installed and fixed in your desktop application. The desktop version of WhatsApp is available for Windows Operating Systems, both 32 bit and 64 bit, and Mac OS. To download the WhatsApp Desktop application, you can via the https://www.whatsapp.com/download/ link. After the file has been downloaded successfully, please install it on your PC.

The appearance of the desktop version, exactly like the look on the WA Web. How to use it, both login and logout are no different. The difference is that only WhatsApp desktop must be installed first.

What can WA WEB or Desktop do or can’t do?

WA WEB or the desktop version can be said to be a reflection of the WhatsApp mobile application. Because, even though you use almost all WhatsApp features, but not all can be done on the web or desktop.

You can do WA WEB or Desktop

On the web and desktop versions of Whatsapp you can do the following:

  • Typing using a PC keyboard (Certainly more comfortable than using a keyboard on a cellphone).
  • See the Contact and Information.
  • Create and send new messages.
  • Create a new WhatsApp Group
  • Access and download file attachments such as text, images, sounds, videos, and documents.
  • Chat with all features, such as sending emoticons, stickers, notes, or sending file attachments.
  • Can quickly delete conversations, or hide conversations.
  • Changing Profile Pictures.
  • Make a Voice Call.

WA WEB or Desktop can’t be done

  • Cannot make a status update.
  • Cannot send broadcast messages.
  • Cannot share location at this time, because the desktop is usually not accompanied by GPS.
  • Cannot make video calls on web or desktop WhatsApp.
  • Cannot be used on multiple computers simultaneously. You must log out of the computer before if you want
  • to use it on another computer.

WhatsApp Web and Desktop Version Weaknesses

Besides the convenience of using the web and desktop WhatsApp. The main disadvantage is WA WEB relies on cellphones. That is, if your cellphone is not connected to the internet, or is dead, then you cannot receive WhatsApp messages on the website or desktop. In other words, WA Web cannot stand alone.

In addition, because WA WEB is a reflection of mobile phones, synchronization will continue. So that enough to make cellphone batteries become more wasteful, especially for Android phones. If you use an iPhone, because there is an idle system if it is not used, the battery will remain durable. Consequently, the WA web will often disconnect, you have to open WA on your cellphone to re-connect.


Using WA WEB or the desktop version is more convenient. Especially if you work every day at the computer. You don’t need to open your cellphone at any time. Because all chats will appear on your computer and can be replied directly from the computer.

WA WEB or WhatsApp desktop, this depends on your needs. If you only want to open WhatsApp to download the document. And it’s on a computer that you don’t hold every day, for example in an internet cyber cafe. You can use waweb. But if you use a personal laptop and use it every day by you. It is more appropriate to use WhatsApp Desktop.

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